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One modern marketing technique is directory submissions which ensure that your business' website is made popular online with a large amount of traffic linking back to it. The process is like submitting contact details online so that prospective target audience may easily find you. Website owners therefore often post their URLs in web directories so that customers may have no difficulty in locating them.

Web directories, like their offline counterparts, are divided into various categories so that users may easily locate relevant websites. Directory submission benefits all businesses anxious to have a web presence. This is because it allows their customers to easily track them online and gives rise to greater business opportunities.

How to submit to an online directory?
While there are a number of ways to make online directory submissions, the two most popular means of doing so are either through:
(a) A manual directory submissions system:
This technique, as its name suggests, allows users to manually complete all details of their website or blog's URL. The process is longer, more tedious, but ultimately yields better results as it allows for a greater number of link backs to the site. However, considering the effort required to manually submitting your website to a web directory, most owners generally do not use the system.
(b) A fully or even semi-automated directory submissions system:
This technique allows users submitting the link backs to their websites, the opportunity to use the relevant software to help them complete their entry. The service, also referred to as 'directory submissions' allows business using it to a head start to making their submissions. However, it does not offer the same returns that manually making your directory submissions does. This method should be strictly avoided as it may result in penalization through Google.

Reaping the Benefits-
The benefits of directory submissions are both immense and beneficial to the organization.
1. Large search engine businesses such as Google or Yahoo rate websites on their total number of link backs. Websites with higher ratings show up higher on the result pages of search engines.
2. This helps increase targeted traffic to the website.
3. The initial cost of directory submissions is low though time-consuming. However, professionals can be hired to complete this task.
4. This is a chance for new websites to get them indexed within days rather than months. Quality directory submission links accelerate the process.
5. The directory submission links are permanent; hence they will always continue to benefit the business. So what's keeping you? Submit now to a directory submission website and make your web presence known to your target market!

Some Tips to Follow-
Businesses wanting to use the directory submissions effectively may 'submit' to more than one directory submission site. However, when doing so the following tips would help:
1. Locate directories which rank high in the lists and submit links here for maximum benefit.
2. If submitting to more than one directory, ensure that you do not use the same text in every single one of your directory submissions.
3. Implicitly follow the rules of the directory in question since failure to do so will invalidate your submission and debar you from further submissions to that directory submission site

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Package Name Number of submissions Duration (Days) No. of Reports Price Buy Now
800 SEO DS 800 30 5 100$USD order now
1500 SEO DS 1500 60 8 175$USD order now
2500 SEO DS 2500 90 10 299$USD order now
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