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for your website is an 'off-site' technique, because it does not happen on your site itself. Instead, links available on other websites lead back to your homepage. Not everyone is aware of the concept behind link wheels. The process is a highly advanced SEO technique which includes creating between twelve to over a hundred fresh blogs regarding any topic related to your particular site. The blogs must contain content that is unique, at least 200 words long, and inclusive of a link back to your web page. To make your link wheel successful, content must be generated on sites such as, or Since these sites are PR6, 7 & 8 certified, the blogs benefit also. Then again, linking back to your website, builds up value for it also. The links are one-way so that all sites may benefit from it. With over a hundred different sites all implying that your homepage is in fact an authority on the subject, you will naturally get a lot of dedicated traffic also.
When writing articles, you can easily include links to your web page, and with the help of powerful web 2.0 properties that have good readership and PR's, you can use the links back to your web page to a great deal of benefits. Each of these properties is linked with a main hub, and the cyclic pattern works like a wheel, hence it is known as a link wheel. Creating link wheels basically involve creating spokes. The spokes are a web 2.0 technique and they point towards other web 2.0 properties as well as the main website… that is your home page/innerpage which you are trying to promote. Eventually, this creates a number of 'cyclic' links each pointing to each other and the main, or money, website, hence making it more popular.

Link wheel creation can be of a great deal of help to websites that want a greater number of traffic and links that lead back to their pages. Mentioned below are a few advantages that you get for creating link wheels:

Increases target web traffic: By creating link wheels, you will be able to generate more target traffic to your page. Link wheels can be included in the articles that are written for content advertising, and will get you substantial feedback with the help of this. Building link wheels helps you increase the visibility of your website and also spread awareness about your web page. The more visible your website becomes, the higher will be the amount of visitors that you get on your home page.

Multitasking: Link wheel is a combined activity of both the SEO (Search engine optimization) and SMO (Social media optimization) techniques. By creating Link wheels we create high PR back links, which add up to an already existing Link Building campaign… this is a SEO activity. At the same time, it is also a Social Media Optimization activity, since we are creating content on Authority websites like Squidoo and Hub Pages etc. And then again, it is also an effort adding towards SMO.

Having appropriate link wheels is genuinely important for people who want to have successful online businesses. Having more traffic(target) on your website is the most important thing for people who run online businesses. Therefore, proper link wheels are very important for you. By availing our services for link wheel creation, you will ensure an adequate amount of link wheels for yourself and also get maximum search engine optimization for your page. Link wheel creation is a new technique, and it is guaranteed to provide success if done the right way. If done the right way, link wheel creation can be the best way of increasing traffic to your page.